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Wireless Network Connection & WiFi Internet Service Providers

A high-quality wireless network connection within your business premises can give your workforce unrivalled flexibility and convenience. With the need for cable and wire connectivity negated, your employees are free to connect securely to your network using any wireless-enabled device, irrespective of their location.

Wireless networks allow devices equipped with a wireless adapter (which is pretty much any device nowadays) to connect to your existing wired network through dedicated access points offering a range of speeds. Whether you’re streaming video in the conference room, accessing the latest schematic during a meeting or quickly responding to an urgent email in the canteen, wireless networks make connectivity seamless.

Having a quality wireless network solution can increase your company’s productivity and improve employee communication due to the flexibility in information sharing that the technology provides. With wireless links, remote employees will have far greater speed of access to resources such as emails, applications, documents and many other tools that help them in their daily duties.

Features of our WiFi Internet service

• Multiple deployment options to meet evolving business needs
• Total device mobility with the elimination of cables and wires
• Scalable bandwidth which can be easily expanded in line with company changes
• Full planning, implementation and management of your wireless solution


We provide these wireless network connection options


Licenced Radio

Enjoy unparalleled nationwide connectivity with our free radio WiFi infrastructure. Our team can devise and build two-way radio infrastructure for indoors or outdoors and integrate this with your high-speed networks.


As Ireland’s leading public and private managed WiFi provider, we’ve deployed thousands of hotspots across the country. We know WiFi inside out; we’ve been investing in our network since 2006 and we have seen how this technology evolved into a must-have in today’s business world. Paradyn will tailor your WiFi to suit your business, so whether you’re a multinational enterprise or a sole trader, we can create a solution that’s the perfect fit for you and your customers.

Bespoke Microwave Wireless Infrastructure

At Paradyn, we can tailor a licensed microwave wireless solution to give you the secure, high-capacity network you need. Microwave radio is a proven technology used all over the world by public safety operatives, telco carriers, emergency services and military forces in situations where security and reliability are paramount. You can be confident that a microwave wireless solution from Paradyn will deliver the reliability and security demanded from your mission-critical systems.