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Cillian McCarthy, chief executive officer, Paradyn: the company provides organisations with a 360-degree assessment of the gaps in their IT infrastructure, systems and processes

CIS Controls provide actionable steps to optimise cybersecurity for organisations of all sizes

As cyberthreats become increasingly sophisticated in a hybrid-working world, organisations cannot afford to be complacent about their cybersecurity strategies. CIS Controls are the globally accepted benchmark for cyber defence, providing specific and actionable ways to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous attacks.

This recommended set of steps helps to optimise your cybersecurity landscape, ensures compliance and gives more control over your organisation’s systems. The controls are regularly monitored and updated to keep pace with the rapidly changing cybersecurity ecosystem.

Proactive approach to cybersecurity challenges

By using a highly proactive and collaborative approach, Paradyn is helping organisations of all sizes to implement these actions in order to protect their customers and the way they interact with stakeholders.

Paradyn provides organisations with a 360-degree assessment of the gaps in their IT infrastructure, systems and processes, reviewing the entire estate against the 170+ CIS Controls. Its security experts then recommend a tailored implementation and remediation plan.

From malware, email and web security to employee awareness training and penetration testing, the controls help to protect organisations against cyberattacks while aiding regulatory compliance with measures such as GDPR.

CIS Controls can also help to inform management objectives, prioritising areas that need attention and creating better ways of working and engaging with employees and stakeholders.

As security challenges evolve, so do the best practices to meet them. CIS Controls enable organisations to deal with new challenges and act as a guide to benchmark against peers. They can also provide a holistic framework to secure existing and planned business assets and resources, no matter how complex.

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