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The Challenge

Given 8 West’s rigorous commitment to cybersecurity excellence, assistance was needed to address all vulnerabilities with a CVSS score of 8 or higher, as identified by 8 West’s Endpoint Central and Crowdstrike solutions.

The Solution

In response, Paradyn developed a two-pronged project plan. Initially, we assessed 8 West’s existing implementation of ManageEngine Endpoint Central to ensure it aligned with best practice. We then refined the Endpoint Central configuration and processes after mutual agreement. Utilising the updated Endpoint Central, all identified patched were systematically deployed to rectify the vulnerabilities, aligning the systems with the project’s objectives. Where required, our engineers coordinated with users to facilitate required reboots, ensuring devices complied with the enhanced security standards.


Paradyn’s strategic use of ManageEngine Endpoint Central effectively reduced 8 West’s risk profile to an acceptable level. In collaboration with 8 West’s IT personnel, we established improved patching practices for consistent updates, encompassing Microsoft, third-party, and more complex applications such as Visual Studio. This partnership not only addressed the immediate concerns but also strengthened 8 West’s future security posture.

“While innovation and competitive pricing are essential, what truly sets Paradyn apart is their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service. They are an invaluable partner in our success.”.

Thomas Gaffney, CSO & CPO

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