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Fergal Meehan, appointed CCO of Paradyn

Paradyn, one of Ireland’s leading cybersecurity service providers, is today announcing the appointment of Fergal Meehan to the position of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Fergal brings over two decades of experience in the technology industry to the role, with key focuses on cybersecurity and customer experience.

Prior to this appointment, Fergal held the role of Head of Public Sector Relations with Paradyn, where he worked closely with public sector customers to develop bespoke services tailored to their unique needs. As the CCO in the field of cybersecurity, Fergal will be responsible for developing and executing commercial strategies that drive revenue growth and market expansion for Paradyn.

Furthermore, Fergal will shape and evolve Paradyn’s offering for new and existing customers across its full suite of cyber security, backup, and networking solutions. With extensive experience in the technology and cybersecurity industry, Fergal possesses a deep understanding of the market landscape, customer needs, and emerging trends.

He will also enhance the offering from Vault365, an all-in-one backup, anti-ransomware, and data protection solution leveraging on premise and cloud for airgap and disaster recovery. In addition, Fergal will be tasked with developing and building out cross-skilled sales and technical teams to deliver these innovative services which, in turn, will help to drive value for customers.
Fergal’s career journey started in 2000 and he has gained a strong professional and educational background with major technology providers such as Cisco, Microsoft, Checkpoint and Palo Alto, with a focus on cybersecurity. He has also gained hands-on experience by working with these tech companies across security and network consultancy roles.

Fergal is a strategic thinker, data-driven decision-maker, and a passionate leader who motivates teams to deliver results. His communication skills allow him to connect with customers and partners, build long-term relationships, and create compelling value propositions that resonate with the target market.

Fergal Meehan, Chief Commercial Officer, Paradyn: “As CCO, my aim is to drive the human element of what we do and really understand our customers’ unique requirements. I believe I can bring the best of both worlds to the role, leveraging my technical background and experience in customer-focused roles to develop and deliver innovative solutions to solve customers’ business problems. I also plan to draw on my deep knowledge of the public sector to drive increased value for customers in this area.

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