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Cillian McCarthy, CEO, Paradyn and Pat Downing, Commercial Director, Vault365

Vault365 is a brand-new backup solution for data stored on premise and in cloud applications, including Microsoft 365

Paradyn, one of Ireland’s leading cybersecurity service providers, is today announcing it has invested €500,000 in the launch of Vault365, a brand-new all-in-one backup, ransomware and data protection solution for data stored on premise and in cloud applications, including Microsoft 365. The solution has been designed to enable the fastest data restore in the industry.

The company forecasts revenues of €750,000 in 2023 following the launch and is creating five new jobs over the next 18 months. Initially available for Irish-based customers, Vault365 plans to roll out their backup services in the UK within the next six months.

As Office 365 will only retain data for up to 90 days, Vault365 securely backs up and eliminates the risk of data loss on Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams. The easily-managed solution, which includes a Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) option, also protects physical servers, virtual servers, cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications such as Salesforce. Businesses can leverage powerful search tools, fast and flexible recovery, and export options to perform eDiscovery across their entire backup environment.

All data is securely hosted at Vault365’s Irish-based data centres. This ensures local access to data if needed and minimal downtime in the event of an incident, with speedy disaster recovery enabled. Should any incident occur, including a ransomware attack, customers can quickly recover data with the fastest data restore in the industry. Customers also have control over their own data with secure and easy-to-use portal access.

Vault365 is hiring in the areas of sales and support to meet customer demand for increased data backup and security in an ever-evolving IT landscape. The company will be engaging with customers across private and public sectors.

Businesses can avail of a 30-day free trial of backup for Office365 following the launch of the new service.

Cillian McCarthy, CEO, Paradyn: “Proactively protecting data has never been more important in a world where security risks are higher than ever. We are one of a few Irish companies offering this service, which we’re launching to meet customers’ increasing backup and security needs for their mission critical data, regardless of where it is.. There is a common misconception that backup is included with Microsoft, and a solution like this is crucial for businesses to avoid irreparable loss or theft of their Office 365 data.

“Our engineers are experts in their fields, and Vault365 enables business continuity which, in turn, offers peace of mind to customers. We are also excited to make the solution available to our UK customers within the next six months. With Vault365, data is always protected and accessible in today’s uncertain technology landscape.”

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